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 Bike shop looking for a mechanic Bike Mechanic looking for a job

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I specialise in
 Road and Triathlon bikes - Race level Road bikes - Recreational level Moutain bike - Race level Mountain bike - Recreatational level Track bikes Fixie Childrens bikes only

I work with
 Shimano Campagnolo Sram Miche other

I build wheels
 Race level Recreational

Spoke patterns
 radial 2 cross 3 cross 4 cross

Work with rim materials of
 carbon alloy steel

True wheels
 radial 2 cross 3 cross 4 cross

Fit a tyre and tube
 race level Prepare a tubular wheel and glue a tubular tyre recreational childrens

Install a headset
 race level recreational threaded ahead

Fit a chain
 race level recreational childrens

Align a derailleur
 race level recreational

Tune gears
 race level recreational

Set brakes
 caliper -race level caliper recreational mechanical disc hydraulic -race hydraulic - recreational Bleed hydraulic brakes

Machine a frame in preparation for assembly
 race level recreational

Assemble a bike starting with a bare frame and fork only
 race level recreational

Assemble a partially assembled bike out a box
 race level recreational

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